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Courtney Bondy


My first introduction to yoga was here at the studio. My mama, sister and I chose to try this laughing yoga class and support the new studio in our community. What I remember most about that experience, was the feeling that I had felt afterwards, serene. I didn’t have a firm understanding of yoga, nor did I further seek it out.

A few years later, I found myself struggling with various challenges in life. Not knowing where to turn, had led me to learn some self-destructive coping mechanisms, which only contributed to my negative mindset. In hindsight, not surprisingly, yoga appeared in my life once again.

I chose to commit to a beginners’ series, which led me wanting to explore more and more about yoga. From 2011 until 2015, yoga has always been a part of my life. Like most things, there were times in my life where I was more committed and dedicated, but I always seemed to pursue some sort of practice.

My devotion, passion and desire for yoga had emerged over those years. Aspired to growing and learning more about myself, my practice and yoga; I was privileged to complete my 200 hour training in 2015 here at the studio where it all began, at Love it Yoga.

Captivated not only by what I have gained from my experiences, but also from the connection between the physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga, as well as the inspiration from my teachers; I hope to be able to bring this to my mat as a constant student, along with guiding you in your practice and our lives off the mat. I am honored to accompany you in your journey towards discovering moments of serenity.



Ena Monteleone


Ena believes life is a journey filled with new paths and unwritten pages; a story to be told. A trained ballet dancer and paediatric nurse, Ena married her high-school sweetheart Joseph and together they have two wonderful daughters.

For many years yoga took a backseat as Ena focused on her family and nursing career. She read yoga books, practiced with instructional DVDs and developed a self-guided home practice. As her girls grew, so did her passion and interest in yoga. Making more time for yoga, she started attending classes at Windsor’s Downtown Yoga, where she met inspirational and gifted teachers Gina Wasserlein and Romano Formicuccia. Guided by their kind words, Ena decided to undertake Downtown Yoga’s 2008 Yoga Teacher Certification Course. Living in Amherstburg, Ena was motivated to start a yoga studio closer to home, in her local community. This ambition bloomed into ‘Love it Yoga!’.

Ena’s vision for Love it Yoga is a place where the community of Amherstburg can come together and experience the wonderful benefits that yoga has to offer. She hopes to continue to grow and learn with the community, to help each and every person that walks through the orange door begin a new story.